We provide comprehensive services covering the establishment, purchasing and sale of ready-made commercial companies and partnerships.

We support entrepreneurs in the process of establishing companies and partnerships of various legal forms such as general partnerships, limited partnerships or limited liability companies or joint stock companies. We provide consultancy in the process of selection the optimal legal form for business. We deal with any formalities necessary to register and commence the company’s business activity. We offer those entrepreneurs who wish to quickly commence their business activities the sale of ready-made limited liability companies and joint stock companies together with websites, e-mails and, if needed, virtual offices.

Our limited liability companies and joint stock companies are free from any obligations and legal defects. The companies can immediately commence their business activities. They have their own National Court Register numbers, tax numbers, and Polish National Business Registry Numbers.

We offer partnerships and companies with history verified by our associated law firm. Such partnerships and companies have been on the market for minimum 12 months, they have credit worthiness, which enable our customers to commence the realisation of their investments right after purchasing partnership or company shares. At the customer’s request, we also prepare companies with concessions for trade in liquid fuels or other required concessions / permits.

We offer ready-made foreign offshore-type companies, and hence we provide our customers with optimization of their obligations or security of the capital flow between your entities.

We execute documents necessary to purchase shares in out ready-made companies and partnerships. Our team’s skills and experience enable the purchasing of a ready-made company or partnership within one day!

If you have any inquiries about purchasing and selling companies or partnerships, do not hesitate to contact:

Izabella Karwowska

tel.+48 795 900 077, +48 22 245 22 43

e-mail: izabella@spolki-excelio.pl